The following training is available for individuals and organisations:

Our Clinical Supervision courses are endorsed by:

  • The Australian College of Nursing (47 CPD points)
  • ‘Midplus’ Australia (64 CPD points) 
  • Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (64 CPD points).
Clinical Supervision for Role Development Training

‘Clinical Supervision for Role Development Training’ is the initial foundational training for equipping potential Clinical Supervisors. The training is completed over 8 days and includes a 3 day introductory workshop, a 3 day follow-up workshop (within 4 months of the first training) and a final 2 day workshop (approximately 4-5 months later). The course is interactive, experiential and light-hearted.

Target group
All health and other professions/groups providing human support services in challenging work environments.

Course content
The training equips clinical supervisors with knowledge, a variety of techniques and a skill set for use in Clinical Supervision practice. These include role theory, role analysis, concretisation techniques, and role training. Other innovative techniques such as ‘this year / next year’ and action learning techniques are included in training. The training is pragmatic with much time spent on the practice of supervision sessions and the development of the participant’s ability and confidence in the supervisor role.

Revise & Restore Training

The ‘Revise & Restore’ 2 day training acts as the initial ‘refresher’ following the ‘Clinical Supervision Role Development Training’.

Target group
Participants who have completed the initial 8 day ‘Clinical Supervision Role Development Training’.

Course content
This training revises techniques used in the initial 8 day training and introduces additional advanced techniques for use in individual and group Clinical Supervision.

Supervisor Maintenance Workshop

The ‘Supervisor Maintenance’ 2 day workshop is an ongoing ‘refresher’ following the ‘Clinical Supervision Role Development Training’. It is recommended this workshop is completed every 6-8 months to sustain practice as a supervisor of reflective Clinical Supervision.

Target group
Participants who have completed both the initial 8 day ‘Clinical Supervision for Role Development Training’ and the ‘Revise and Restore’ training.

Workshop content
The content of the workshop is largely determined by the needs of participants. It includes reflection on ‘what’s working well’ and ways of meeting challenges emerging in supervisory practice.

‘Demystifying Clinical Supervision’ Presentation/Workshop

The ‘Demystifying Clinical Supervision’ presentation or workshop provides information to better understand the context and benefits of reflective Clinical Supervision.

Target group
Suitable for all types of workers providing care and support in health and other services.

Presentation/Workshop content
The presentation (1-2hours) or workshop (half-full day) explores definitions and responds to frequently asked questions about Clinical Supervision. In addition, a ‘mini’ Clinical Supervision session is showcased, providing the basis for discussion and learning.


  • The integrity and effectiveness of the training courses and workshops is maintained through ongoing evaluation by participants and course facilitators.
  • Clinical Supervision Consultancy collaborates with organisations to allow the timing of training and workshops to fit with organisational requirements.