About Paul Spurr

Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Registered General Nurse, Bachelor of Health Science (Management), Community Certificate Psychiatric Care, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse.

Paul is passionate about training supervisors of reflective Clinical Supervision to sustain and revitalise workers in challenging work environments. He is the Principal of Clinical Supervision Consultancy (CSC), and works with a number of co-facilitators to provide training. (see section ‘About CSC Co-facilitators’)

Paul initially commenced his nursing career as a Psychiatric Nurse followed by General Nurse training and registration. Paul’s clinical skills and experience, management qualifications and demonstrated leadership qualities have been recognised through his attainment of middle and senior management positions. Highlights of Paul’s nursing experience include Director of Nursing positions in mental health and general hospitals in Sydney, Australia.

Since forming Clinical Supervision Consultancy in 2002, Paul has trained over 800 staff and conducted approximately 200 workshops in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Evaluations reflect the relevance and usefulness of the training for participants. Paul has presented at national and international conferences throughout his career, and at an international conference in New York on ‘Clinical Supervision for Role Development’ training in 2012.

In 2013 Paul was engaged by the NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) to conduct focus testing across NSW of ‘The Superguide: A Supervision Continuum for Nurses and Midwives’ in NSW and to be part of an expert group guiding its development in line with best practice. Paul also presented at the HETI Clinical Supervision ‘Masterclass’ Series on Clinical Supervision in 2014.

Paul is a management committee member of the Australian Clinical Supervision Association, which aims to inform and support health professionals through the incorporation of reflective Clinical Supervision into professional practice.