Clinical Supervision Consultancy (CSC)

Purpose and Vision

  • Our purpose is to offer specialised training, facilitation and reflective Clinical Supervision for health practitioners and organisations providing human support services
  • Our vision is for professionals to remain vibrant, spontaneous and creative through regular Clinical Supervision.

Clinical Supervision provides individuals and groups with a supportive, open and professional forum to reflect on clinical practice and enhance their professional development. Clinical Supervision Consultancy strongly believes this work can result in a reduction in professional isolation, levels of stress, emotional exhaustion and burnout, and improve work culture and environments.

Clinical Supervision is critical for the provision of optimal health care. It enables employees to practice in a competent, accountable and ethical manner, and promotes employee satisfaction and retention.

Note: Clinical Supervision provided by CSC is dedicated time for reflective practice, rather than supervision of a clinical encounter/procedure, or managerial oversight (see section ‘Clinical Supervision’ for more information)

NB: On this website reflective Clinical Supervision will be referred to as Clinical Supervision.