CSC Code of Practice

The CSC Code of Practice applies to all educational programs and other services provided by Clinical Supervision Consultancy.

Clinical Supervision Consultancy celebrates and respects the expertise and varied perspectives of all people.

Our work aligns with all principles underpinning clinical supervision in the ‘Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Clinical Supervisors’ (Australian Clinical Supervision Association, 2017).

Clinical supervision and the development of supervisors is provided in a consistently respectful way irrespective of “age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, sexuality, gender identity, political affiliation, marital, social, or economic status” ( 

Clinical Supervision Consultancy develops an agreement (Ways of Working) with participants for all activities.

A positive learning environment
  • a safe and supportive environment for learning
  • non-judgemental and inclusive – valuing all perspectives, backgrounds and cultures
  • open and transparent
  • building of trusting relationships over time, with no tolerance of bullying or harassment
  • respectful communication and courtesy
  • engaging and creative.
  • Active involvement and focus during all learning components
  • Respectful collaboration with other participants and facilitators
  • Critical reflection and openness for gentle challenge to promote learning
  • Encouragement for ongoing self-directed learning to extend knowledge and skills.
  • Personal and professional information offered by participants and facilitators during the course of training programs is confidential, unless there are breaches to professional codes of conduct. In this instance, the facilitators would work with the participant to take the next appropriate steps, and reporting as necessary. 
  • Consent may be sought for the dissemination of information eg. general information for newsletters, including communication via social media.
Honesty, integrity, and ethical practice
  • Uphold all ethical and professional standards for healthcare professionals.
  • Referral for additional support as required outside the boundaries of clinical supervision practice
  • Use of Clinical Supervision Consultancy resources in line with agreement – for personal use as a supervisor.